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MPC is also known as MakePlayingCards. They’re a printing company that ‘specializes’ in the printing of any type of playing cards. I’ve been using them for a little over 3 years and my experiences from three years ago to today have left me with no choice but to warn everyone when using them. Three years ago I had an amazing experience with them. They shipped my two full decks, and they had about 4 cards with errors in them. When I sent the picture, they resent me the two full decks. It was quick, easy, and their customer support was outstanding.

However, in recent times they’ve went down hill. Beyond what any company should. Around 2 months ago I purchased an order that had an estimate of 1-2 weeks to include the shipping. It wasn’t until week three when I sent an email asking what was going on, and a week to receive a response from them. They then spent the next few days finishing to ‘process’ my order, and then ship it, which took another few days. Which means that 1-2 week order took over a month to ship.

To make things worse I decided to believe what they said in the email as “We had to shut down due to the Coronavirus scare” and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I then reordered 30 decks and get the express printing/shipping to speed up the process. A total of $320, and I did this for an upcoming convention I’m going to in a little more than a week away from the time I’m writing this.

This is the date I purchased the order. This is their estimate:

They have a broken down, detailed process of what should happen, and the price I paid for them to do so. It is now 3/4/2020 and they haven’t finished processing my order.

To make matters worse, I sent them an email about this order about 45 minutes after I made it, saying I forgot an important information card in the deck. It took them a week an a half for them to reply saying the already printed the deck, and I would have to rebuy the order to fix it. This is the same order I just sent a picture of, and the same order that they still haven’t shipped yet. Now I just received an email saying they’ve been holding my order until I pay for the new card addition to be added to the deck, I had to make this post.

Quality & Consistency

So, the shipping, late replies, and also the customer service isn’t enough to sell my point… Well then, let’s go with what actually matters then, shall we! Let’s delve into the quality, and consistency of the cards.

It might be hard to tell with the camera, however if you look closely you can see that the backs are all different shades of color. This is from one single deck printed. There’s no color consistency with any of them, and you can tell a lot when you’re playing with them.

Here are some of the messed up printed cards. The top two you can see were completely stuck together when the order was received. I’m not sure how often this happens, but if you’re selling your cards and someone gets something like this, I can promise you, they will not be happy in the slightest. It could undermine your sells all together.

These two were just my experiences. Check out one of the members from the HTCG News Discord Server: Kai

If you look at the card to the right, that is a successful print, and the card to the left shows how blurry some cards can come out. Some words are super hard to read, and there’s clear lines showing in places that it shouldn’t. The printing service is not something you’d like to use if you’re looking for consistency.

If you haven’t noticed I chose MPC over all else, however, after these last few months of dealing with them I’m slowly starting to switch over to TGC (The Game Crafter) if you’re looking for alternatives I’d highly recommend using them!

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    Posted March 5, 2020 5:49 am 0Likes

    That is the reason why I am not using MPC unless is extremely necessary. I’ll keep using TGC until some better company shows up.

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