This article will explain what a Press Kit is, as well as how to create a Press Kit.

What is a Press Kit?

Let’s jump into the explanation of what exactly a Press Kit is with the definition of a Press Kit. “a package of promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate.” This is 9 times out of 9 a zip file of any and all information you’d expect to see in an article written about your game/product. Most news sources do not want to gather all of the information about your game themselves, so they almost expect anything they’re going to add in an article about your game/product to be in your press kit. This can even include an actual ‘article’. This means that you should have pictures of your cards, physical pictures of your game being played, on top of that you should have a well written, and detailed text file in your press kit that explains everything as you would expect to see an article written about your game. This allows the press/news source to be able to take whole sections of that file and easily add it into their personal story/article. It makes their job easier, as well as giving you a significantly higher chance that they will write an article about you. For example, if their on the fence about your game, or tied between writing an article on your game and someone else’s and you have your press kit to the point where they don’t have to do much work, they’re more than likely to side with yours, or even write both because of it.

How to make a Press Kit?

As I briefly explained above, making a Press Kit is decently easy. You need to include pictures of your cards (digital format) as well as as pictures of your game being played, preferably multiple and in different areas, situations, scenarios. Make some look like standards stock images, and others genuine people playing your card game. As for why you will need digital pictures of your card, this is to give the press more room to work as well as showcases your game in a high quality format to allow viewers the chance to see how crisp, and detailed your card game is. On top of that you need to ensure you have a well written article on what your game is, what makes it unique, and a brief summary on how to play/win the game. I’d recommend keeping it 1 to 2 pages, but preferably 1 page. This way the press can easily skim over it, and put it into their own words as well as use quotes from it in their article. On top of all of that you need to include your logo, and any other important images you may need. For example, Demi Card Game, I’d include a picture of Hades’ cut out so they can put anything behind him they want, or paste it on their article, as well as my logo, and other gods I have transparent images for.

As for how to actually set up and do all of this. First you should make a folder and call it something along the lines of Press Kit, or GameName Press Kit. Next, you should add a notherfolder called something along the lines of (Digital Cards) (Gameplay Pictures) (Misc Images) (Logo-Important). Add all of the images in the correct area, your Logo-Important will be your games logo, company logo, and any other important images. Digital & Gameplay are self explanatory, Misc Images would be something like the Hades images I mentioned above, and other images you think would look cool that aren’t exactly based around your cards and gameplay. And inside of the actual Press Kit folder (main folder) you should include your text document explaining your game. Once you’re done with all of that, you turn your Press Kit folder into a Zip folder and you are officially done making your Press Kit!

Congratulations on creating your very own Press Kit, and now feel free to add it to your website, and anything else you think the press would be to find that information. Feel free to email it to news sites, and spread the word on your game.

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