The difference from a professionally printed card, and a handmade card is as easy to tell the difference as a Diamond and an Iron Ingot. People tend to instantly dismiss cards that look homemade, written on plain paper, or poorly printed. There’s a lot of HTCG developers out there, and because of that people tend to become picky when it comes to card games. This means that if you do not take the time, and spend the money to get your cards printed professionally, or at least print and laminate them yourself to give a professional look you will be at a sever disadvantage.

This is where printing comes into play. There’s tons of printing options available, and they do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it cost me around $50 to print two full foil decks, and two non foil decks for my card game. If I purchased more in bulk, it would have been even cheaper in fact! However, because I was purchasing them for personal play testing I decided to just do the four total.

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These are foil cards, and are as thick as normal TCG cards. They were used through a professional card printing company. These showcase the quality of the cards, and can show you the difference between printed, and hand made cards.

All of this being said, you might be wondering where you’d go about getting cards printed, and the pricing of them. Well, below we have some recommended websites based off of other people in the community that have had their HTCG printed.

Firstly you have MPC Also know as Make Playing Cards.  is what I used to create Demi – OTCG

Next up you have The GameCrafter

And finally you have DriveThruCards

All of these have been used by the HTCG community, and were recommended by them. Though, you should always go through and do your own research when choosing anything that costs money for not only your HTCG but for anything in general. Some of these offer unique services that the rest don’t and vice versa. So keep that in mind when you’re deciding to use their services.

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    Posted January 21, 2020 2:21 pm 0Likes

    Nice! Out of these options, I had only heard of The Game Crafter, but these other two sound like they’re worth checking out.

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