What is your name and the company (if you have one) that represents your game.

I am Herman Ricoy and together with Maria Gonzalez we are the creators of Hangry Dogs. We don’t have a company name at the moment, everything will depend on the success of our first launch at Kickstarter.

What is your game about, lore wise?

Our game combines two of our favorite elements: dogs and pizza. Three, if we add the games. The story behind it is that a group of friends have joined together for a night of games and fight for the slices of pizza on the table. To get them, they have the help of their dogs: very clever dogs, capable of doing tricks. But there are also enemies, dangerous toppings and, especially… Mystic Raccoons.

What makes your game different from others?

The first thing that all the testers tell us about the game is that it’s very attractive visually. In this sense I think Maria has done a great job, creating more than 90 different characters, all with their own personality and story.

But we’ve also worked a lot on the mechanics to try and put a different spin on it than other games on the market. The double-play system in each turn, as well as all the internal structure in terms of mechanics, are designed to create a game that is easy to play, but more complex than it seems at first glance. And with great replayability, because no two games are alike.

What inspired you to create your game, as well as chose it to be a Card Game?

It’s hard to know where ideas really come from. One day, Maria and I were talking about the possibility of creating a board game. Several possibilities came up, but soon one took hold. Suddenly we were talking about some dogs stealing pizza from other players to give it to their owners, and as crazy as it sounds, it all made sense.

Maria started drawing sketches and I started taking notes. Ideas for characters emerged, based on normal things that dogs do and that anyone who knows how dogs are like has seen them do more than once. In time new possibilities, variations, and enemies came up. When we had the idea of incorporating the Mystic Raccoons we thought we had something that might be worthwhile.

We chose to make a card game because, although we’d made some games before as amateurs, this was going to be our first commercial experience and we wanted to start with something that wasn’t too complicated, honestly. We didn’t know how complicated it could get, haha.

What are some strengths and weaknesses in the the process of developing the game?

There have been many personal circumstances that have made it difficult to get here. But, other than that, I would say that the weaknesses and strengths have been in the same places. The two most complicated aspects of the whole process have been the development of the best possible mechanics and, linked to that, a visual aspect that was original, fun and attractive to as many people as possible. But I think that thanks to the combined talents of Maria and I and, of course, the constant stream of feedback and helpful critiques from our testers, we have managed to turn those weaknesses into the greatest strengths of Hangry Dogs.

What has been the biggest road blocks with developing your game thus far?

The road blocks are everywhere, but we do not see them as obstacles but as challenges. When we decided to embark on this adventure, we knew almost nothing about what it would entail. Today we still don’t know everything about it, but we are still going forward.

But, really, the most difficult thing was to develop a mechanic that would satisfy us. Luckily, we had a demanding group of testers who forced us to hone those aspects of the game that weren’t working well until we reached a result that we were satisfied with.

And do you expect many more in the future?

Sure. Prepare for the best and expect the worst, should be the motto of anyone who decides to create a game. But it’s true that we have previous experience in professional fields that has helped us a lot when it comes to making decisions. Maria has a degree in Fine Arts, with exhibitions and awards to her credit, and I have worked for many years in advertising, managing my own company. That experience has been useful when it comes to carrying out the project, dealing with suppliers, calculating costs, and everything that is involved in making a quality game.

What are your plans for the game in the future?

After the Kickstarter, which is mainly aimed at the US market, we intend to try to launch it on two more platforms, one in Spain and the other in France. Depending on the results, we will decide whether to continue distributing it on our own or leave it in the hands of a third party.

In any case, we wouldn’t want to stop after making this first game. Our intention is to create a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of games. It is a sector that we like very much and in which we believe that we have different things to contribute. We have ideas and blueprints for more games and we already know what the next one will be. Hint: it will not be a card game.

Is there anything else you’d like to bring up about your game?

Sure, and it is both a fun fact and a warning of sorts: everyone who has played the game so far says it makes them want to eat pizza, so be sure to stock up on that round cheesy goodness before settling down to play.

But apart from that, we’d like to say that in this time we’ve discovered that there’s a big community around board games. A community of amazing, passionate people, always willing to help, and who have given us a lot with their advice and experience. We hope that our game will give them back some of the happiness they have given us.




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