HTCG News has a goal, and that goal is to help give those making their own Card Games a head start. Information based on what other’s have learned for success, Amazing services for significantly cheaper than others in competition, a Marketplace for those looking to start their own card game from Artists, Intro Videos, and more! and now… Free Reviews, Critiques, and more!

To help reach our goal, we’ve added a currency system to our forum. Now, just for being active you’re able to get currency to redeem for community reviews, critiques, as well as the HTCG News Staff sitting down and playing your game for further constrictive criticisms. All of our critiques, and criticisms by us and the community are monitored, so you’re guaranteed constructive criticism every time. No one word replies like “good” “bad” but detailed responses such as “I love how your eyes are drawn to the middle of the screen first, versus the non-essential part of the card”

All you have to do is visit HERE for the shop. If you’re new, please use the referral of Xyphien when registering. It’s super easy to get currency, and I can assure you it will help you further promote your game!

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