Before you start your tabletop game, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Board Game, Card Game, or something else completely. Chances are you won’t be able to do it yourself, and if you can and want to, chances are you will get burnt out on it and potentially leave your project sitting there collecting dust. Because of this you may want to branch out and get a team for the sections you may lack.

What positions should you have for your team? Should you have a dedicated team? Where can you find people to be apart of your team? All of these questions and more will be answered in this article!

Team Members, and Role Break Down:

Let’s start off by taking a look at the positions you should have when making any sort of tabletop game. These can be filled by you, however, they should be there. These are as followed: Writer, Editor, Artist, Publisher, Promoter, Social Media Personnel, Coder (possibly)

A Writer is someone who will write out everything for your game, the rules, effects, information, gameplay, all of this has to be written down and make sense. This is where the writer comes in to play. Most individuals will be able to do this themselves, however if you’re not a good writer you may want to look into hiring for this.

An Editor is almost guaranteed to be needed if you’re writing on your own. An editor’s job is to read over everything you write and ensure that it is gramatically correct, makes sense, everything is where it’s suppose to, and genuinely make sure it’s ready to be published for your audience to see. This role is important as you can have an amazing game, however if the rules are unclear due to a lack of editor then your game could flop because of it. I’ve seen, and played games where they didn’t have a good editor and no one wanted to play the game because of confusing information, redunant or contradictory content in your game.

If you’re anything like me and you’re unable to draw, OR you’re unable to digitize your work then you will need to hire an artist to create a digital format of your game. Almost everything will need to be digital in order to ensure high quality printing when your game is ready for launch. This being said having an artist, or artists work on professional, high quality artwork is essential in order to stand apart from the competition. Not many people will want to spend their hard earned money on a product that looks like a grade schooler made it, so you need to take that in mind if your art looks like such. Personally, my artwork is something an elementry schooler would draw and as such that’s the first position I look for when it comes to creating art, and it’s something I personally believe you MUST do if you’re going to have a chance at having a successful game.

When it comes to a Publisher I won’t get too far into this as there’s a lot of articles on publishing your game both via finding a publisher as well as self publishing through sites like The Game Crafter. This isn’t a role you want to hire through the ways I mention below, however it is good to sit down and debate on if you’d like to self publish, or find an official publisher.

Promoter, this position can be important to ensure a successful game. Where your game is promoted, at what time, SEO, Social Media Promotion, all of that will pay off in the end if done right. Some of this you can do yourself, however stuff like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can’t simply be done by yourself. You will need to rank higher on google in order to get more traffic, and viewers to your game, as such you may need to hire a company such as Xyphien LLC to do your SEO for you. Hiring a promoter can make this easier to do, and there are companies such as Xyphien LLC that’s willing to do that for you. It’s up to you to determine if promoting your game is something you want to do. Word of mouth isn’t the best outside of your local area, so you should consider this position when creating your team.

Social Media Personel can be several people, or one individual. Often times this is done by the individual, however hiring someone could help out as well. Creating the best discord server with advanced roles, bots, etc. Getting followers on Twitter, Instagram, subscribers on youtube, etc. can make a huge difference when it comes to your game, so take some time and think if having a Social Media team member is something you may wish to do.

Coder’s can be extremely useful if you’re looking at digitizing your game and turning it from a tabletop game to an online tabletop game. On top of t6hat, you may wish to have a coder make a custom discord bot, tabletop simulator workshop download (by having custom features in your game), and more. This can increase customer satisfaction as well as promotion, and getting people interested in your physical game. Nothing competes to a physical tabletop game, so having it online will only allow people to try it out and see if they want to make the step to purchase your game.

Where to find team members, hire them, etc:

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you’d like to have a dedicated team working around the clock, or wish to hire someone for each individual thing you need. These both have it’s pro’s and con’s. Hiring individual work makes it cheaper, allows you to have multiple people on the clock at once, and it tends to be a pay per item versus pay per hour. However, you won’t have work being worked on frequently. If you hire team members you will have official employees under your belt that will work around the clock, year round. Though this can be costly, and tends to not be for starting out game developers.

If you’re looking for the cheaper option and hire people on the spot, the best place to look is Fiverr. Fiverr is a place with hundreds of thousands of options to chose from, with prices ranging from $5 a service and it can go up to thousands of dollars per service. However, this place has a ton of untapped potential, and it’s a place I’ve used quite a bit personally.

This artwork was commissioned off of Fiverr and cost around $50 for the back which is shown above as well as the front template of the card. All of which is for commercial use. Fiverr has an insane amount of potential if you just find the right person to do your job at the price you’re looking for. As low as $5 for a single piece of work is something worth testing out.

Another good place to look if you’re specifically looking for artwork is Deviantart. There’s hundreds of people to thousands looking at the freelance section HERE all you have to do is make a free account, make a post in that forum and you will get tons of people of all talents and price ranges competing to make art for you. The artwork for Demi was done entirely using Deviantart as I found the artist I wanted to do the work. Granted this was for $50-60 per artwork, it was and often times is more expensive than fiverr, but it is also worth looking into for art as well.

If you’re looking for any other positions for hire, some other notable mentions are Freelancer and Upwork. Both of which has hundreds of thousands of freelance people of every form of life and expertise competing with the pricing you list for whatever job you’d like. They do some amazing work, and I’ve personally used both for hiring people on my team.

Going to the long term hiring of someone, that is a little bit more tricky. You must seek your local court house, office, or anything to give you more information on how that works as every state and country do things differently when it comes to officially hiring employees.

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