eTableCon is the worlds first ever eConvention. An eConvention is a Convention that’s held completely online! This means you’ll be able to have all the fun at conventions in the luxury of your home!

With the Corona Virus causing thousands of conventions to shut down, and many people are left trying to get refunds, on top of developers losing a lot of funds due to purchasing of large quantities for the conventions that have been shut down. eTC is the first ever online convention, and it’s being created to help everyone out in this time of need! From giving developers another chance to sell their product to potentially hundreds of thousands of people, to those looking to view new products and participate in a convention without ever leaving their house!

How would this be possible you might ask?
eTC will be held like any other convention, the only difference is it will be online. We’re focusing on our Website, and Discord for the convention. Our Website will have all of our times, events, and everything you’d need to know such as vendors, where to buy their products, what they’re offering, etc. For those who do not know Discord is, it’s a chatting service that allows you to view different channels inside of a main chatroom. With that in mind, we will have a discord server that has a general chatroom where everyone can talk to everyone, as well as a channel for all of our vendors. This allows you to talk one on one with the vendors and developers of the game. This way you can ask any questions you’d like, see what all is available for their games, products, etc. This creates the same feeling as talking to vendors in person, however all will be via the chatroom. Not only does Discord offer chat systems, they also offer voice chat as well. So you can actually talk with vendors for their games, as well as other people interested in the vendor, or one of our various other voice chat rooms. This allows you to play D&D, and other TableTop games with everyone using our voice chat, and dedicated channels.

Our goal is to create as real of a convention as possible all in the luxuray of your home. If you have any other suggestions, requests, or concerns do not hesitate to ask via our contact us page.

For those interested in being a vendor you can do so for only $20, however make sure you’re quick as the more vendors they have the higher the vending price will be!

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