Demi, the mythology based trading card game announced a major update this week. In their post they brought up some amazing new features and some removed features of the game. The combat system got remade into what is now a highly addicting, and unique playing experience. Offering combined attacks, where two or more creatures combine their power, effects, and… everything for one ultimate attack. This allows for monsters to be able to defeat Demi-Gods or even Gods on the battle field. There is one down fall to combined attacks however, and this adds some strategic and risk vs reward into the move. When you attack as a combined attack, if one or more of the creatures are destroyed during the attack, all of them are in return destroyed. This means you could potentially risk it all for a move that could back fire completely, leaving you open and vulnerable or completely decimate the enemy.

Another huge update they managed to come out with is their new playing mat. With that comes some game play changes as well. For example, you are no longer allowed to play 7 prayer cards on the field. Instead, you can only play 3 Prayer and or vain cards. This doesn’t mean you’re limited to those on the field however, those slots are just reserved for being face down. You’re able to play, activate or attach as many prayer cards as you want still. You’re just limited to how many you can hide on the field. This is to prevent hand removal cards from ruining your strategies as much. You also now have a ‘red zone’ which is there to indicate which creature has attacked, and which have not. The cards that are pushed into the red zone means that they have already attacked and can no longer attack that turn.

The final thing they’ve changed with the game is the card’s graphics. Now, they didn’t re-do any images, however they changed some minor things on the cards that grant a HUGE addition to the cards. You now have icons in the top right that show what the card is, as well as an icon in the middle showing what the sub category of the card is. This is still being worked out fully, but you can see the differences below. The card on the left is the old card, and the card on the right is the new card!

For more information check out DEMI Card Game

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