We have a special interview with Sage, the owner of Continuum! You can buy his game right now. SIMPLY CLICK HERE

First off, let’s start by asking what is y our name as well as the company that represents your game: Continuum?
Hello, my name is Sage and I represent myself. I’m the single creator of Continuum: Flip Card

What is your game about?
Continuum is a simple card game in which you play as a single character. Your character represents you, and you have a deck full of support cards to aid you as you battle an enemy character.The main feature of the game is that your character card has two sides, and you eventually flip them over to reach the stronger abilities on the back of the card.

That sounds pretty unique off the bat! Is there anything else that makes your game different from other Card Games?
My initial goal was to make the game as minimal as possible. I wanted to make sure you could play with as few cards as possible, so I balanced the characters around being able to fight each other one on one without any support cards. So, you can play with just two character cards. I thought that would get a little bland though, so I added in the support cards. I designed and balanced those around each character to boost their strengths while maintaining balance between them.

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What inspired you to create your game, as well as chose it to be a Card Game?
I love card games! I also love drawing. When I eventually stumbled upon the Homemade TCT Community on Youtube, I became inspired enough to commit to putting some drawings together in a cohesive way and then turn them into a card game.
I got the idea for my game from a combination of things, such as Pokemon tcg, League of Legends, Overwatch, and so on. I wanted to capture the Champion/Hero aspect and turn it into a card game. The Pokemon card game helped me generate ideas because it sort of follows those lines, although you do have a team of pokemon and not just one, and the Planeswalkers from Magic the Gathering were also something I took inspiration from.

What were the biggest struggles, and obstacles of creating your card game?
I’m only one person, so it took a lot of time to put everything together. I foresaw that and tried to keep the art load relatively light. Besides that, playtesting and balance. Most of the playtesting was done by playing against myself. I always struggled with playing against myself in games because I know what I’m thinking. To make up for it, I playtested twice as much as I thought I should. I’d try playing different strategies and following different playstyles to see if one character seemed overpowered or underpowered. In the end, I think I did a decent job. I beat myself every time, but usually with a different character. Lol

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Sounds like you put a lot of time into the game! What are your plans for the game in the future?
I sure did! I was planning on a quick Set 2 release, until I ran into hard drive problems. I lost access to the files for about a year, until I finally managed to recover them just last month. So, I would like to try and finish that as soon as possible. All of the art is already about 60% done. One of the things I really wanted to do, but didn’t have time for, was to make packs for the game where you could unpack alternate arts for the characters, as well as new characters. My idea was something akin to alternate costumes in fighting games. And then the packs would have 1 character plus a handful of supports, so you could theoretically play against something if you each had just a pack. Something cool that happened sometime while Continuum was in limbo was that the GameCrafter, the place that prints Continuum on demand, released foil packs as a product. So one day, I might be able to make that happen.

One more question to end this interview, Is there anything else you’d like to bring up about your game?
I could go on all day about the different characters I came up with for Set 1, the inspiration behind them, and the ideas I have in stock for Set 2. If anyone wants to know more, reach out and ask me!

That being said, Do you have any contact information you’d like to share?
I’m most active on Twitter at the moment, but I also have a deviantart and youtube.

Find out more about Continuum by watching the trailer!

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