What is the name of your game, as well as your name and the company (if you have one) that represents your game?
Clouds of Aggression is the game. My name is Michael and my partner is my wife Angel. No company as of yet.

That’s pretty sweet! A joint game with your wife! What is your game about?
You choose from 30 different Aggressors ( warriors with incredible power) and build your deck around the chosen Aggressor. Your main deck consists can have anywhere from 40 to 60 cards. Your energy deck can have as many as you want. You start the game off with 7 protecting walls and the object is to attack the walls which break them exposing your Aggressor. When all walls are broken you can then attack the Aggressor, winning the game. There are all kinds of creatures and spells and set has 497 total cards. So your card pool is a lot.

Sounds really unique, and something I’d be interested in playing once it’s finished Other than what you’ve stated what makes your game different from others?
Clouds of Aggression started out as a book I was working on ( will finish once I can take a break from the game) there is a rich story behind it which you can read on the Facebook page at Clouds of Aggression TCG. I’m adding new elements to the story about every 4 days. My art work is different as I used Maya 3D and Blender for most of the character design. I’m sure there are other 3D art cards out there but I personally have never seen them outside the app games. As a writer I have spent a huge amount of time making the characters have a purpose to the overall story and I think people could really get into the lore. The number one thing however would be that come When the first starter decks come out they will include the most powerful cards, bypassing the old gotta crack packs to get the best ones. My wife and I are working on all the starters now and they should be out on the gamecrafter by the first of March. The boosters are available now.

That sounds exciting! Are you not afraid people won’t want to get any packs because you get the best cards off the bat? Or is there something you have up your sleeve to get people wanting to buy more packs?
With the best Gods in all there are 16 super rares which are the best. 10 of those are God cards and the starters of Michael will include the God Angel, and Nevorah’s deck will include the God Alana. Those are just to get you started, if you want the others you will have to get the boosters but I understand that not everyone has the endless cash to buy pack after pack so I wanted to give everyone the chance to enjoy the game at a fair price so at least 2 decks will have Gods in them. The rest of the supers are only available in the packs. You will notice Michael and Angel are characters, both are modeled after me and my wife. I figured why not immortalize us the game.

It’s nice to see other Card Developers looking out for those who might not be able to buy as much as others. What inspired you to create your game, as well as chose it to be a Card Game?
I’ve been a huge fan of games in general since I was 8. I started with Dungeons and Dragons and when Magic came out I got into it pretty quickly. It wasn’t until Duel Masters came out in the early 2000’s that I knew one day I wanted to make my own game. Flash forward to 2017 and I finally started on it. As far as choosing a card game, for the past 20 years card games have been a huge part of my enjoyment, so it was fitting that I make Clouds of Aggression one. I will also say my wife has been a huge inspiration as well. Honestly without her help and support I would have never been able to do this.

It’s always nice to have someone we hold near and dear to be supportive, and especially help with the whole thing. What are some strengths and weaknesses in the progression of your game?
I’ve worked endlessly to make sure that there isn’t any throw away cards and I think I’ve done a great so far in doing that. The main strength I feel is the endless deck options you have. One thing I wanted since day 1 was giving the player as many options as possible and I like to believe I did just that. I can’t think of any weakness as me and the wife worked very hard to balance the game. There are no real broken cards and there are ways to counter the more powerful cards rather cheaply.

So it’s safe to say you’ve put a lot of time and effort into the game. That’s really good to hear! What are your plans for the game in the future?
Currently doing art work for set 2 now. Beyond that I would like to continue the game and expand the lore as much as possible. Obviously the dream is to eventually reach a wider audience and I hope one day I can.

Is there anything else you’d like to bring up about your game?
Only that the boosters are available now on the gamecrafter with the starter decks coming soon. A new and improved how to play video will be up on youtube in about a month along with the more adult centered variations of the gameplay. If you like something different the you should check out Clouds of Aggression.

If anyone else is interested in checking out Clouds of Aggression visit these two links: https://www.facebook.com/ermatica/ and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpWUZtIkRHyJWO9A7tMvkSw

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