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Let’s all firstly take the time to thank Extremely Average Games Co. in being the first review on the website. Their game is called Cards of Creation. Cards Of Creation is a 2 player Trading Card Game in which you fight other powerful beings that try and take over the realm. Weild powerful spells and control dangerous creatures to ensure your rule. In Cards Of Creation you start out with 20 Life. This life is depleted by receiving damage from creatures and spells that either you or your opponent controls.The gameplay mechanics are very simple and easy to understand. Cards Of Creation takes what was hard or not as easy to learn from other Trading Card Games and simplifies it to ensure all have fun. The Relic System, which is a type of card and zone in the game, make this game very unique and fun which makes each game different. You can view the whole website and more information on the game by going HERE

I first played CoC during eTableCon 2020, and after only a few minutes I got the gist of the game, I was having a blast playing and despite the countless technical difficulties we had (with Collin’s computer not with the game) we finally started to play it back to back. It was a very fund and exciting game to play.


The artwork is my least favorite part about this game, which is saying something because the art style and the drawings themselves I greatly enjoy. However, they are all hand drawn and non digitized. This severely impacts the professionalism in the game, and it’s something I personally shy away from in most games. If they took the time to digitize the artwork, and put it into a program such as Photoshop, Affinity, or any one of the others to create a more polished version of the artwork I think this game would be on par with the top dogs. The art is unique, creative, and stands out. Collin and the others at EAG are very creative when it comes to the creatures added to their game, however keeping it in drawn form is something I highly suggest changing to bring the game to the next level.

Learning Curve

Learning a game is something I’m not fond of. Finding out all of the rules, the do’s and don’ts can be a daunting task, and some games just make that even more complicated. This makes learning new games a potential chore when you try them out. CoC on the other hand isn’t. This uses known features in other games, but enough to make the game extremely unique, and easy to grasp. It took me no longer than 10 minutes to figure out how to play the game “and even beat Collin at his own game >:D” something that’s refreshing when it comes to learning a new game. This is easy to learn, difficult to master, and something that when you play more you learn new ways around every card making the tactics ever expanding.


During eTableCon I was eager to play the game, at least to say I gave it a try. The only problem was that Collin had a lot of technical issues that lasted over 2 days. On the third and final day of the convention I was finally able to play against him, and the chat went wild which is already saying something about the game play. People started voting on who would win, and who would lose and it really hyped the game up for me. After the 10 minute mark when I finally grasped how to play the game we were off and battling one another in the game. I was finally deemed the champion and those who voted for me won the satisfaction of me winning 😀 This being said, I wasn’t just done with the game, I then asked him to play during breaks in times during the convention, as well as afterwords and it’s still a game I try and play with him whenever I can. The game is simple, exciting, and addictive.


Excluding the graphics section of this review CoC has a perfect score. The game is outstanding, even with the drawn artwork I strive to play it whenever possible. It’s a fun, and unique game that I am personally addicted too and would recommend everyone trying out. Collin, the lead developer is an amazing person as well, easy to talk to, and will be willing to sit down and teach any new person how to play despite the anxiety of doing so!

To see the final score, please look below and check out the final ratings for the game known as Cards of Creation!

Cards of Creation

4.2 Score


  • Gameplay
  • Easy Learning
  • Functionality
  • Replayability


  • Drawn Art instead of Digital Art

Review Breakdown

  • Artwork
  • Learning Curve
  • Gameplay
  • Overall

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