Cards Of Creation is a trading card game where you control an army of creatures bound to the realm and cast deadly spells on order to stop your opponent from taking control of the realm. Take them out quickly or prolong their death and let them suffer… the choice is yours. Battles can last very little time, or can last longer depending on strategies used.

A long time ago, in an unknown place at an unknown time, 5 mages did great battle. All wanting to control the world. Everyone was horrified by the power that these mages unleashing. So they did what all scared people did. They went into hiding. The mages unleashed their power upon eachother and it caused a cosmic blast. This blast opened up a rift to another realm and sucked them in, along with anything and everything around them. Upon arriving in this new realm, everything felt different. Their power was drained from them and they needed time to regenerate their power. They noticed the rift at the top of a tall jagged peak. They climbed to the top and tried to exit the rift, but they were unable. They were bound to this new world. They were terrified, but also still mad because the hatred between them was so strong. They were still weak and couldn’t fight, so each of the 5 mages fled in opposite directions in hopes to lay low and regain strength so they could fight again. As time passed, the land reshaped itself. Vast mountains were formed, lakes and oceans appeared, and forested areas went on for what seemed like forever. The mages learned that they could not leave the realm in their physical form, another used an old type of magic that allowed them to project an astral form of themselves. They used this form to exit the rift and bring back people, animals, and monsters from all areas of time and space. They bound these creatures to themselves and forced them to fight against their will. The battle continues till this day.

Cards Of Creation TCG required 2 people with a deck constructed of 50 to 80 cards and an optional side deck with up to 15 cards. Each player starts out with a total of 20 life and the first person to deplete their opponents life to 0 or make it so they cant draw anymore cards, wins.
(Deck building tips and limitations are listed on the Cards Of Creation Website)

If you’re interested in learning how to start playing CoC please watch the video below:

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