What is your name and the company (if you have one) that represents your game, as well as what is the name of your game?
There is not a company yet, but the plan is to name the company after the game like Force of Will. The game is Broken Blades.

What is your game about?
Broken Blades is a game where players mix and match characters and play out skirmishes between them. Each player gets 3 Characters who each have a guild they belong to, or they could a mercenary who will fight for any guild.

Excluding all of the unique content you just mentioned what else makes your game different from others?
My game is unique in a few ways. In Broken Blades you lose when all of your character’s are defeated. So in a way they are your life total. And you get to pick which characters you use. Another big thing is, there is no mana like resource in Broken Blades. Instead the game restricts what you play by having cards have to match your character’s characteristics, mainly what guild they are a part of and/or their class. With generic or blank cards that can be played by anyone. There is still a resource management element by playing the right cards at the right times, as you are limited to playing one to two cards a turn. Finally I really enjoy this one. Unique cards have the Unique typing which means you can only play one copy of it in your deck unlike other cards that you can play 3 of each. They are normally extremely powerful effects. In base set 1 there is a cycle of four unique cards that only have class requirements at rare.

Seems really interesting! I love it when HTCGs tend to shy away from your normal functions like you did with Broken Blades. What inspired you to create your game, as well as chose it to be a Card Game?
I have been a huge TCG fan since I was a kid starting with Magic the Gathering at the age of six. So Tcgs have been a part of my life for most of it. I also have always been the creative type, not so much painting and drawing but writing and building. In middle school I created my first game, it was a relatively simple board game. It was kinda fun. I continued to work on it for a year, making it more complicated because that meant more “fun”. That’s when I learned that if you are making games people will play if you ask but what you want is for them to ask to play, that means that the game has hooked them. I continued to make games all the way through high school, some goodsome bad. I think it was just a natural development for me to eventually start working on a TCG as the Magic the Gathering and making games have always been a part of my life. Ultimately my inspiration was to make something different, and do my best to make it good.

What are some strengths and weaknesses in the progression of your game?
The gameplay of Broken Blades is fast paced, and engaging. Players often have to play cards trying to assume what their opponent has played. This in my opinion is a strength, as it allows for mind games and counterplay. It can be hard to claw your way back from a losing position, not impossible. If you lose a character while your opponent still has all three the game becomes very difficult very fast. This might be the games biggest weakness but it is exaggerated at low level play. Once decks are actually built by the players it becomes less of an issue as the game itself becomes more consistent. Another huge strength of the game is it can be relatively quick to play meaning a pick up game might only take 10 minutes, and that would still be a good game where both players got to play and enjoy the game.

What have been the biggest road blocks with developing your game thus far? And do you expect many more in the future?
The biggest road block for Broken Blades has been getting art for it’s cards. Art isn’t cheap, and I am trying to avoid the Anime/manga style. I feel that style can make a game feel generic. I want Broken Blades to be something special if I ever can get it published. I expect art to continue to be the biggest thing in my way, until I get the starter decks done at which point I will make a Kickstarter. The money made from that will specifically go towards art and printing the backers rewards. When I get to that point I don’t know what I expect to become the biggest road block. I figure something will come up, but I just don’t know what it’ll be.

What are your plans for the game in the future?
My plans for Broken Blades going into the future, if the game gets publicly released. Six to eight months after the initial release I plan on releasing the first expansion. Expansion Sets will be much smaller than Base Sets consisting of 140 to 190 cards, while Base Sets will be around 300 cards. The plan is to release three Expansion Sets between each Base Sets. These first three will introduce new mechanics slowly into the game. Each class will get a new mechanic and a new card type over the course of the three expansions. And, that will conclude the base mechanics the game. So anything that comes after may not stick and/or may get played with farther down the line but will not be permanent to the rotating format of Broken Blades.

Are you worried that having new mechanics will make the older generation of cards obsolete?
It’s a risk you run. But, I think for the games overall health it is better than not creating new things. Now balancing is a very important part in creating new mechanics and one day you will produce a mechanic that is stronger than anything else you have ever made but that is the same in the other direction to. It is half the importance of having a rotating format in a game you want to be long-running. So I guess my answer this question is yes eventually old cards will become obsolete, but I think it’s the healthier overall option for the game.

Fair enough, Is there anything else you'd like to bring up about your game?
I’m super excited bring this game to the public. I hope reading about it or seeing we talked about it makes someone also excited to see it. And when it finally is a public game I hope it brings a lot of joy and happiness to people as trading card games of done for me. Thank you for the interview and thanks to anyone who read it.

For the full ruleset on how to play the game, you can find that out by visiting THIS LINK RIGHT HERE 🙂

Thanks to Xaliz for taking the time to do the interview!


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    Posted January 21, 2020 2:16 pm 0Likes

    It seems like an interesting game. To me, it sounds kinda like an RPG in card form. You have your party, and you want to defeat the enemies to win. It’s a fun concept, one I think many can enjoy.

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    Posted January 27, 2020 5:14 pm 0Likes

    It’s a very cool game design, I don’t know who to thank for sharing these websites but I’m tearing up at the collective beauty of these card games.

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