What is your name and the company (if you have one) that represents your game.

My name is Cam Michael, and I am the co-creator of Combo Masters Trading Card Game with two other creators.

What is your game about, lore wise?

Combo Masters is conveniently named after the mighty “Combo Masters,” a group of peacekeepers who keep their homeland safe. After going into retirement after establishing a global peace, they hear of a gigantic worm beast attacking a nearby city of innocent, blob-like creatures. Using a technology developed by the Combo Masters, they used the power of weather and food to lead the beast away and once again establish the peace. Wanting to make their mark as peacekeepers, they created a card game that collected their many adventures before returning back to retired living.

What makes your game different from others?

Playtime is spent creating chains of cards that build up attack to unleash all at once on your opponent, leaving players to have to strategically build a chain to outsmart and overpower their opponents. There are various ways cards are played, and each card has a type, those being Melee, Weapon, Magic, Projectile, and Creature.

What inspired you to create your game, as well as chose it to be a Card Game?

The card game began when us three creators wanted to challenge ourselves to make a game in a week back in October. Well, obviously that did not work, so we settled on a month, then two months. After those two months, we agreed that our game had more we wanted to do with it, so eventually we completed a full, 100+ card set one, with a set two in the works. Along the way, another motivator that brought the game to where it is now is people’s interest in its unique mechanics as a simple deck-building game that is short and easy to play, but also hard to master.

What are some strengths and weaknesses in the progression of your game?

The three of us have found a way to work very well together, which made the process smooth and the production of the game became faster and faster as we developed new strategies for the game, so I would say the greatest strength is our ability to respectfully disagree and find a solution to any problem we found with the game. This plays into the weaknesses, however, as, with any collaborative project, there was little planning ahead, so we’ve had to retcon a lot to get to where it is now, gameplay-wise.

What have been the biggest road blocks with developing your game thus far? 

The largest roadblock (even though there hasn’t been much) had to have been rewriting and clarifying cards, as well as cutting cards altogether because of this poor planning. Three different voices means a lot of different wording popped up on card abilities, so we had to go and standardize all the cards. That’s about it though. As many of my fellow card game creators can agree with, I don’t want there to be any future roadblocks, but I’m sure the team of us can tackle anything. We’ve gotten this far, right?

What are your plans for the game in the future?

Our plan is based on how much attention the game gets, but we are planning on releasing a Set 2 after Set 1 releases in March. Along with that, we hope to expand this universe with other card games and do some collaborative promotional material with other card games, as well as release collector sets for those collectors at heart.

Is there anything else you'd like to bring up about your game?

I just want to say thank you to my two bros that worked on the game with me, it has been a project I have worked on frivolously for the past 5 months, so I’m glad to see the game where it is right now. All I have to say after that is thank you to the people that have played the game already, have videos planned about it, as well as the HTCG community as a whole for bringing this whole project together. Thanks for your time, and let me know if you need any card images or anything of the sorts

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