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So, you’re now an Author for HTCG News. Congratulation as well as thank you for helping to continue the growth of not only the website, but to help the community in need! We strive to provide the best services, and information to all HTCG Developers! This being said, articles are a huge part of that. In becoming an Author it means that you’re doing more than just helping us get content, you’re helping to further advance multiple HTCGs and send them on the right path to success!

How to edit your Profile

Now, you’re probably wondering, how do I even begin to make a post? Well, the first thing you’re going to want to do is log into the website if you haven’t done so already. To do that you will need to go to the WP-ADMIN which is if you’d like to try and memorize the domain name. From there enter the information provided to you, your username and password.

Once you’ve done that you should be prompted to the admin area of the website. This isn’t visible to the public, and here you’re able to do all sorts of things such as edit your account, as well as make posts! It’s important to edit your account, so if you haven’t done so already then click Users on the left, and then click on your profile:

You probably won’t have as much on your sidebar but nonetheless you should have two major things. Users, and Posts. These will be the only two things you will need.

Once your on your profile, feel free to edit any and all information to make sure everyone knows who you are. We want you to get the credit you deserve after all. If you include your domain people can also visit your game, so you can get more traffic by making posts as well! Traffic, exposure, and lots of potential players just by helping out the community!

How to make a Post

That might sound cool and dandy, but you’re probably thinking to yourself “Okay cool, but you never explained how to make a new post…” well, that’s what this next section is for! So let’s delve into this, shall we.

If you’re on the WP-Admin, you should see a Posts section to the left of your screen. Or if you’re logged in you should see a New button at the top of your page. Both are displayed below.

Either one of these two options will allow you to make a new post. If you’re using the left side you hover over Posts (Hovering is where you move your mouse and do not click anything) from there you will see “Add New” click on that, if you’re using the top, simply hover over + New, and then click on Post.

Once you’re there, you will be prompted with a few things.

Keep in mind, some things are a lot more important than others! For example, the Add title is what the title of the article will be. This is what people will see on the website, under that is where you right your actual article. If you’d like to add images you can either drag them in, paste them in, or click on the + icon and then click image. The rest is basically text. Click on the + icon to see everything you’re able to do. In the top left of the screen, when typing is how you make words Bold, Italics, and Hyperlinked. So keep that in mind.

Looking at the left side, you will see Categories, and Featured Image. These are the two things you MUST add when making a post. It is essential you add a Featured Image, if not you could break the whole website. We have a standard image below you’re able to save and use. Featured images should display a darker version of an image, with no text on it. Text will display on it after you’ve uploaded the article.

Simply saving that image and using those dimensions will work.

Next is the categories, whatever your article matches, add that to the category. Every post should have the ALL category checked. This is to display it properly on the website.

After you do all of that, you can add anything else you’d like such as images (every post should have a few images to keep the readers interested) once you’re finished you click the blue button at the top right of the screen to publish it!

If you’d like to save it for later you can simply click Save Draft, and to see how it will currently look for readers you can click Preview!

I hope this is helpful to everyone, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

HTCG News is a Homemade Trading Card Game news website that acts as your one stop shop for anything TCG & CCG related! From a built in marketplace, to a forum/discord sync that will blow your mind! Our community and website is geared at not just giving you news on the latest HTCGs but also geared at providing information to help those who wish to make their own card games in the future!

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